A business impacting 10x10

Sunsoil (formerly known as Green Mountain CBD) approached nParallel looking for a partner to quickly help them launch their new brand at their first national trade show. With over 170 CBD companies exhibiting at Natural Products Expo West, they needed to be deliberate in how they stood apart from the competition.  

Sunsoil engaged nParallel with less than a month before Natural Products Expo West, a show that attracts more than 86,000 attendees. Our design team envisioned and crafted a space that showcased Sunsoil’s deep-rooted understanding of the agriculture and brought elements from the farm to life in the exhibit. The particle board construction resembled the drying houses and the large graphics showed healthy hemp plants.  

The vibrant greens and yellows in the new brand were front and center and drew attendees from down the aisle. We crafted a sun-like experience in the exhibit that shined through a fabricated ceiling to mimic the rays from the Sunsoil logo. The LED sun installation attracted attendees and offered a brilliant ambiance.

During the show, there was a constant flow of attendees entering the exhibit wanting to sample Sunsoil’s products. The Sunsoil mission and brand resonated with attendees, retailers and the association. The VP of Operations was interviewed by New Hope (beginning at 3:36).

As a result, our Sunsoil client was thrilled with their exhibit design and fabrication. They said:

“Our experience with nParallel was top-notch from start to finish. Under extremely expedited timelines, we were thrilled with the service we were provided and the product we were delivered from nParallel. They captured the authenticity of our brand and mission in the booth design and made our entire trade show experience and partnership seamless.”