Natural Products Expo West & Expo East are shows that our team has been helping clients exhibit at for years. At Expo West 2018, our client General Mills was acknowledged as one of the best exhibits by reputable organic industry expert Max Goldberg of Living Maxwell. NPEW hosts more than 3,500 exhibitors, and it was an honor to help General Mills be one of two brands recognized as one of the best exhibit across the entire show.

Here’s how we helped General Mills, “stand above the rest,” as said by Max Goldberg.

1.       Mission vs simply product

Together, General Mills and our team established the booth to be one that was focused on mission vs simply product. General Mills wanted to give hope and highlight how consumers can make a difference with soil health, regenerative agriculture, and pollinator preservation. Instead of focusing on the products General Mills sells, it was important to pay homage to the environmental initiatives at hand and communicate them broadly.

2.       Immersion of five senses

Many booths are visually astounding and truly a piece of art. With General Mills, we wanted to take the attendee’s experience to a place that is rare on the show floor. We wanted to engage all five senses and provoke an expression that made guests feel like they were outdoors, not inside a convention center. The booth offered exhibitors the opportunity to see and connect with farmers, hear buzzing bees, touch real plants, and taste food.

3.       Real materials

The exhibit was 100 percent recyclable and displayed real soil, real plants, real grasses, and elements that you would find outdoors. These were the elements that made people pause and realize that General Mills truly brought the outdoors inside to communicate the importance of soil health, regenerative agriculture, and pollinator preservation. After the show, the plants and grasses were donated to The Ron Finley Project.

Natural Products Expo West & East are both beautiful environment of creativity and products that are changing the world. Read Max Goldberg’s article on our partnership with General Mills here.

As you think about your Natural Products Expo programs, we’d love to help you “stand above the rest” to better connect with buyers at NPEW & NPEE.