General Mills tasked nParallel with helping them showcase their natural and organic brands as an experiential exhibit at the Natural Products Expo West 2018 trade show. General Mills wanted to give hope and highlight how consumers can make a difference with soil health, regenerative agriculture and pollinator preservation.
nParallel created an exhibit on a guided path introducing the three key areas; soil matters, pollinators matter and grazing matters. The first introduction point showed depleted soil, clay/loam, and the effects of how current farming practices are stripping nutrients. The second messaging point was focused on how pollinators matters and it immersed show attendee’s senses with visual cues, audio with buzzing bees and chirping birds and a projection immersing additional sounds and visuals. The third concept was installation of natural grasses that represented grasses that Bison would graze on in the wild to showcase the importance of sustainable grazing.
The exhibit materials were sustainable or 100% recyclable products including:

  • Sample station tops made from Metem, a line of recycled HDPE panels
  • Hanging signs fabrics were created from 100% recycled material
  • Graphics were produced from Falconboard material
  • Flooring was mostly artificial grass turf, which was 100% recyclable, made with renewable resources          and will be re-used for Expo West 2019
  • The representation of poor soil in the Our Food Choices Make a Difference section as clay/sandy loam, which was re-used from Expo East 2017

General Mills was acknowledged as best trade show exhibit at Natural Products Expo West by industry leader Max Goldberg, founder & publisher of Organic Insider.