For Firestone’s on-the-road marketing truck nParallel designed and fabricated all property needs as well as a VR pitching game. 

Firestone wanted to embark on a new marketing venture by taking their show on the road. The idea was to promote Firestone’s commercial products across the country, and to relaunch the brand with a new line of tires that are energy efficient. They took to the road and drove across the United States to meet with dealers and their clients in a mobile truck.

Firestone dealers had the roadshow truck travel to their town and park in front of minor-league stadiums before the start of the game. Dealers and their clients would be invited to visit the truck, eat food and enjoy each other’s company prior to the game.

nParallel designed a virtual reality pitching game for the mobile truck, and also fabricated and fulfilled all property needs. This allowed Firestone’s clients to enjoy catered food and beverages, and to explore their new energy efficient products. Firestone traveled to more than a dozen cities during the roadshow—increasing their brand awareness by simply showcasing their products effectively.