nParallel concepted, designed, and produced Bridgestone’s augmented reality technology element for the MINExpo trade show.

Bridgestone produces some of the largest tires in the world, some weighing more than 14,000 pounds and more than 14 feet high. The technology behind these astronomically large tires provides top innovation across the industry. 

At the largest mining trade show in the world, MINExpo, Bridgestone wanted to showcase their tire innovations to show attendees in a captivating and memorable way, and they tasked nParallel with the challenge.  

nParallel concepted, designed and produced an augmented reality technology element of the trade show where attendees could hold up an iPad and scan the tire. As they scanned the tire, a pop-up would appear on the iPad to showcase details of the tire’s technology and differentiators from competitors.  

The results of the technology innovation from nParallel was so successful that it will be used at shows in the future to position Bridgestone’s leading advancements and innovations.