Super Bowl LII was incredible. We loved helping our client, the official cap of the NFL, New Era gear up for a presence that spanned across downtown Minneapolis -- our hometown. 

Our team of trade show strategists built three experiences for New Era to bring their nationally-recognized NFL caps and lifestyle clothing to Super Bowl LII.

“When our long-time client New Era approached us with this three-prong project of helping them create a cohesive brand experience across Minneapolis, we were ecstatic,” said nParallel President Megan Diamond. “Not only do we love when we get to work locally, but we’re huge sports fans, and we knew exactly how to bring New Era to life in Minneapolis.”

The official New Era kickoff took place on Saturday, Jan. 27 and New Era opened at the NFL Experience & Shops at the Convention Center. We helped the official cap company boast an 1,100 square-foot retail shop – the Super Bowl’s largest spot for exclusive NFL merchandise. With decades of experience in retail displays, we methodically created the retail shop that showcased the merchandise in a way that drew in attendance and built upon the Super Bowl excitement.

Our team also designed and constructed a 400 square-foot space in the old Dayton’s/Macy’s building as part of the Super Bowl LIVE experience on Nicollet Avenue. This retail and brand experience provided fans with 10-days of fanfare and featured activities for everyone. 

To continue the momentum and build upon the Convention Center and Nicollet Mall, we helped New Era design and fabricate two rolling kiosk display areas that were on-site at U.S. Bank Stadium for fans who attended the Super Bowl to pick-up their memorabilia on game day.

“It was quite the honor to support one of our national clients in our backyard for one of the biggest events in Minnesota’s history,” said Diamond. “Our clients and projects range from coast-to-coast, and when we have the opportunity to work in our home state, our home city, we can’t help but bring a creative lens that is inspired by the community in which we operate and live.”