There are a variety of reasons companies consider a custom rental for their trade show exhibit versus purchasing a custom-built booth. Whether they’re looking for a more low-cost investment option, trying to beat the clock, or simply need flexibility, custom rentals can be a great solution for many organizations.

Lower investment

Trade show marketing is an investment, but one with a very strong ROI. Many of our clients pursue custom trade show rentals to test new markets or events as a trial run for a potential long-term solution. If the new market or event goes well, our clients will often invest in a full, custom exhibit. The custom rental option allows our clients the financial flexibility to invest at their comfort level for a one-time event before making a commitment to a full, custom exhibit for the long-term.


At nParallel, we offer our clients the opportunity to utilize our custom rental inventory of materials in conjunction with custom elements to create an exhibit that is uniquely theirs – and for a portion of the cost. Our clients choose from a vast array of designs, sizes and custom features to create an exhibit that is perfect for them. We may use different components from around our warehouse, but we can promise that no two exhibits will ever look the same on the show floor. Our clients never run the risk of a duplicate next to another exhibitor. Something that we love about custom rentals is the ability to change a client’s booth from show to show by using different components each time.


Renting gives leeway on timing. If, for example, jumping into the trade show market is a recent decision and you only have a two or three-month window (or less)until the event, building an entirely new display may not be possible. Renting, however, provides a prime option for this scenario. A custom exhibit can take up to several months to complete, depending on the size of the project, whereas our custom rental booths are created in a matter of weeks.


Renting is easy. We have more than 100,000 square feet in our warehouse – home to hundreds of thousands of materials that are ready for a custom rental package. We also produce all our very own graphics in-house, providing a unique and personalized look for each exhibit. This all saves an immense amount of time since much of the fabrication has already been done in-house, allowing us to focus on using our time to make our client's exhibit perfect for the event.

Test It

We provide the opportunity for our clients to test layouts that have already been created and have been successful. This allows each client to discover the qualities important to them in a future booth.  If you are considering investing in a booth in the future, we strongly encourage taking the time to test drive the product. We find that clients value this as it provides a hands-on opportunity to customize the booth to the company needs.

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