Trade shows are amazing opportunities for companies: they provide an interactive display space to meet new clients and market new products or services. However, exhibiting at a trade show can often come with the added pressure to have the most compelling trade show set-up and make the best impressions possible. Here are a few tips to help meet your visitors’ expectations, and to alleviate stress for your company:

Plan early

One of the prime things you can do to prepare is to start your trade show planning as early as possible. Six months should be the minimum amount of time spent in preparation. Make sure to clearly define your goals, objectives, marketing plan, management strategy and appropriate budget.

Find the right partner

Exhibit houses can be found across the world, but finding the right one for your brand will be crucial. Exhibit companies should make their clients’ jobs easier by accomplishing the company’s business goals through strategic and creative interactive displays and trade show booth ideas. At nParallel, we always start by asking a lot of questions. Our goal is to ask all the right questions up front so we can move to designing a concept that our client loves.

We value an "open-door policy" with our clients, and find this helps with the success behind our partnerships. This "open-door policy" means that at any time during the project, our client knows exactly where we are at in the process. We work hand-in-hand and communicate effectively with our clients to streamline approvals and alignment.

Build a great team

Your trade show setup will only be as effective as the people representing it, so verify that your trade show floor team is at the top of their game. Choose your best people for the job; not everyone is suited for customer service and standing on their feet for several days at a time. Choose individuals that are welcoming, approachable, direct and quick on their feet. We suggest that trade show staff go through a training session, which is also something we help many of our clients create and execute. This ensures that teams feel prepared to present the brand and products with strong etiquette and expertise.


Always prioritize follow-ups with the clients, or even potential clients, you made connections with at the trade show. Whether through an email, handwritten note, social media, or an in-person meeting, always make sure to go above and beyond with follow-up materials. It is always good to reach out within one day to thank them for visiting your booth and offer to send more materials, if applicable.