As a leading independent manufacturer of tooling systems for the metal industry, Wilson Tool saw the 2013 FabTech trade show as an opportunity to revamp its booth, so that its booth’s display accurately reflected the dedication to customer service, ease of doing business and use of advanced technology that define the company. Wilson Tool approached nParallel with the challenge of designing and updating its booth with these goals in mind. nParallel was excited to partner with Wilson Tool, to turn this opportunity into a successful reality. nParallel worked collaboratively with Wilson Tool to design an engaging booth experience that showcased the company’s technical capabilities through distinct but cohesive display areas within the booth space. Most importantly though, was the booth’s overarching theme: the human element of “We are Wilson”. As the company places great emphasis on tailoring its business around its customers’ needs, Wilson wanted to showcase the fact that they are so much more than just the parts they produce. From the booth design, to the graphics and text used on signage, to the interactivity of each different segment of the booth, all of these components were created to familiarize booth attendees with Wilson’s dedication to maintaining the highest level of customer service and facilitating easy business transactions regardless of the complexity of a given solution. Wilson Tool sees this human element of customer service and ease of doing business as its differentiating factor, as compared to its competitors.


The technological elements nParallel utilized to showcase Wilson Tool’s technical capabilities included use of projected imagery on a hanging screen in the front of the booth, iPads integrated with product information, video conferencing technology developed by Wilson, and large display screens with looping video, as well as strategically placed lighting elements. With its eye-catching and unexpected motion, the use of projected imagery on the hanging screen was designed to draw attention to the new product display, and attract attendees into the Wilson Tool booth. The use of iPads in the punching product area gave booth attendees greater access to the products, allowing them to interact with each different product, rather than just observing them as static objects. Wilson’s video conferencing area allowed booth attendees to interact with a live company representative, showcasing both ease of doing business with the company and the company’s dedication to accessible customer service. Finally, the large display screens in the booth played two different videos on loop; one video highlighting the company’s technical capabilities and the other presenting past case studies and successfully implemented solutions. Based on feedback from the 2013 FabTech show, nParallel’s design of Wilson Tool’s booth was a resounding success. nParallel appreciates Wilson Tool’s partnership on this project, and looks forward to partnering with the company on future opportunities.

Everything worked well! The booth set-up was outstanding and everything ran very smoothly from beginning to end!- Dean Mazeska, Sales

From concept to reality, nParallel brought incredible energy, organization and innovative design to our new trade show presence. Their insight into our business model, the attention to detail and their collaborative approach translated into an energized show environment to work in. This was clearly reflected in the booth traffic movement – easy to navigate, product interest in every corner and on many levels.As an added bonus the new booth took only minutes to open and close each day – something the working staff greatly appreciated. We are looking forward to a continued partnership with nParallel.  I would highly recommend nParallel for their professionalism and creativity. -Deeny Raasch, Marketing