The 2015 Digital Signage Expo is wrapping up in Las Vegas and our team was able to walk the floor. They brought back some ideas that we hope to incorporate into either retail or trade show solutions for our clients in the future.

A. Realfiction holographic displays
This is a rentable product display that uses a hidden flat panel monitor and reflection to create the illusion of floating holographic imagery over a physical object.  The devices can be built into a branded pedestal allowing us to customize them for a client and their website offers a collection of stock animations that can be customized for quick low cost solutions for a client looking for an easy wow factor.

B. Planar Transparent Screen
We’ve worked with the Planar Box here at nP for a couple of our clients.  Now Planar is offering a larger clear screen that can really give customers that Hollywood effect.  The screen is as transparent as glass but when an image appears it is opaque and easy to read.  Oddly, you can’t see the image from the back!  The screen simply appears clear.

C. Kolaz by AGAM
AGAM’s new addition allows designers to create clean modern retail fixtures using SEG, powder coated cladding or hard panels.  By incorporating a shelf standard slot along the outside of their regular SEG channel, they have allowed for retail hardware to be incorporated into the panels in a visually clean way.  We’re looking forward to using this one!

D. DS&L Backlit Panels
This was a very cool product.  Not a video display device, this was more about dynamic color and movement in an unexpected media.  DS&L combined a SEG frame with a dark grey fabric and back lit it with an array of LED RGB tiles.  The effect was like a lava lamp and did not feel like a monitor or projected image that you would normally expect.  They make these to spec so it’s definitely a purchased item but in the right place it could make for a really cool effect.

E. Projection Mapping in Retail
While hardly a plug-and-play option this technology is making it’s way all sorts of applications.  While you may have seen projection mapping used in events and in movies, this technique has been finding its way into trade show and retail.  In this image, the car actually has no color or detail at all.  It is simply a grey shape.  All of the detail ( paint color, windows, wheel rims, etc) is being projected onto the model via 3 hidden projectors.  This allows an attendee to select different paint schemes and options from the touch screen and see the result in real time on the model in front of them.  The illusion is quite stunning!

F. Micro video for retail
These little video players were designed to mount to the front edge of a shelf in a retail setting.

G. Flexible LED
Video content keeps getting more and more flexible.  Gone are the days when video has to live within the confines of a 16x9 rectangle.