Our team helped General Mills receive the “Best Booth” award for its originality, interactive experiences, and impact at Natural Products Expo West — a show that attracts 3,600+ exhibitors and 86,000+ attendees from around the nation and world. Our design and fabrication for General Mills was selected as the best exhibit two years in a row.

The strategic direction that helped General Mills receive the “Best Booth” award was taking a holistic marketing approach to their business and exhibit program. General Mills leveraged cross-channel marketing including a business announcement, public relations, social media, and their exhibit program to cohesively drive awareness to their company and target the right audience: CPG buyers.      

Our challenge this year was to equally incorporate General Mills natural and organic brands in conjunction with the company making a major announcement committing General Mills to the advancement of regenerative agriculture on 1,000,000 acres by 2030.  The announcement was made during Climate Day and at the exhibit bringing this commitment to life through their brands.

Our captivating exhibit strategy that supported the cross-channel marketing program featured:

Custom rainfall simulator

The 1,500-square-foot exhibit was dedicated 50% to brand sampling and 50% sustainability content demonstrated through a custom rainfall simulator. The custom designed rainfall simulator demonstrated environmental impacts of traditional farming practices on soil erosion while simultaneously showing positive impacts of crop cover use. Watch the rainfall simulator.

Lenticular wall

We created a beautifully executed lenticular wall that had crowds walking back and forth and watching the evolution of regenerative practices. This display caught attendee’s attention and drew them in for extended conversations. Watch the lenticular wall experience.

12-foot sampling stations

A sampling station doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, it should be beautiful and inviting. Our team secured a grower several months prior to grow sweet peas, a crop cover plant, from seed which was then planted within the top section of the 12-foot sampling station. More than 11,000 samples and conversations between General Mills and buyers and investors were had. Sampling brands included Annie’s, Cascadian Farms, Epic Provisions, Larabar, Liberte, and Food Should Taste Good..

The cross-channel marketing approach surrounding the announcement and Expo West generated 30 media articles with more than 1.4 billion UMV, 11,000 product samples distributed, 365 attendees engaged in the rainfall simulator presentation and demonstration, 12 in-booth meetings, and 2 in-booth media interviews.

Our team excels at helping brands position themselves in a differentiated way and it was our honor to help General Mills showcase their brands and gain the spotlight and attention of industry experts, buyers, and investors.

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